Resident Admission

In general, the Admission Exercise for Graduate House Residence starts around April or May of each year. Information on residence application will be announced via notice boards in the Graduate House, emails to current postgraduates of the University, and on the Graduate House homepage . 


Since the residential year 2013-14, the Graduate House Committee of Management has adopted a policy of 1-year residence for new residents. Only those current residents with substantial contribution to the House would be considered for readmission.

Current residents who would like to continue their residence at the Graduate House, or current HKU postgraduates who have never stayed at the Graduate House before, or new postgraduates who would like to reside at the Graduate House in the following residential year are invited to submit their applications during the application period. A residential year implies the period from 1 September of one year to 31 August of the following year.


Simply submitting an application will NOT entitle an applicant to acquire a room offer nor be placed on the waiting list.  Successful applicants will receive an Offer Letter and an Acceptance Form. The Acceptance Form MUST be completed and returned to the Graduate House Office on or before the deadline stated on it no matter the applicant accepts the offer of residence or not. Failure to return the Acceptance Form by the deadline may result in cancellation of the offer without prior notice.


Taught Postgraduates (self-funded programs) will be considered in lower priority.