Rental Charge

Rental Charges* for the 2021/2022 Residential Year are as follows:

HK$4,185 per month or HK$150 per night for a single room

HK$7,667 per month or HK$270 per night for a double room


Residents are required to open a bank account for auto payment of the room rental and other charges, and to ensure that enough money is available by 10th each month for the monthly auto payment. Statement of charges will be issued to each resident before his/her account is debited.  There will be a service charge of HK$100 each time added unto those residents who do not settle their room rental and other charges by auto payment via a bank.

*Rental charges are subject to review at the beginning of each financial year.



Security Deposit      Single Room   -         HK$5,000

                                Double Room  -         HK$9,000

Key Deposit             Single Room   -         HK$130

                                Double Room  -         HK$260

Laundry card Deposit                                HK$100



The security and key deposit must be paid within 1 week from the day of check-in. Residents should settle the deposits by paying directly at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Bank (HSBC), using the pay-in slip obtained upon check-in. Residents are required to return a copy of the validated pay-in slip to the Graduate House Office as proof of payment. Failure to settle the payment as required may result in the immediate termination of residency.