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Management Team



Dr. Wei-Ning Lee is the Master of Graduate House. She is currently Associate Professor with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Programme. Dr. Lee welcomes suggestions and comments on the Graduate House. She enjoys chatting with and learning from the residents. Please feel free to look for her in the master flat. Her email address is wnlee at

Graduate House is under the overall management of the Master, who is responsible for maintenance of good order in the House, provision of pastoral care and intellectual guidance to residents, including the welfare of all residents and disciplinary matters, creation and maintenance of conditions conducive to intellectual, social, and cultural development of all residents, and the encouragement of a sense of community among all residents and other graduate students of the University.

Graduate House Fellow (Resident)

Dr. Kurtee Chu is the Graduate House Fellow (Resident) and also a lecturer at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration. Trained as social worker, she is dedicated to the helping profession. She had served as a social worker, rendering counselling to various populations, before joining HKU. She enjoys her current role as a teacher as well as one who facilitates student’s personal development.

As the Graduate House Fellow (Resident), Dr. Chu is responsible for assisting the Master in the general administration of the House, maintaining the morale, social and general well-being of all residents, organizing activities for all residents and/or other graduate students, deputizing for the Master during her absence and acting for the Master during her periods of leave. Her official email address is ghrf at



Mr. Dick W.M. Chow is the current Manager of Graduate House. Mr. Chow was a hall manager respectively at the Student Affairs Office of the Hong Kong Institute of Education and at the Jockey Club Student Village I of the University of Hong Kong before he took up the manager position at Graduate House.

The Manager is responsible for the general administration and management of the Graduate House Office, the residential and non-residential complexes of Graduate House and all the facilities in both complexes. He also provides assistance to residents on matters related to residential living. He is assisted by a team of clerical staff, technician, senior attendant and attendants, and watchmen. His email address is dwmchow at


Graduate House Resident Advisor (4 Posts)

An Honorary Graduate House Resident Advisor is responsible for assisting the Master in the general administration of the House, maintaining the moral, social and general well-being of all residents. He/she also organizes activities for all residents and/or other graduate students, deputizing for the Graduate House Fellow (Resident) / Associate Master during her absence and deputizing for the Master when Master and Graduate House Fellow (Resident) / Associate Master are both absent.

Ms. GAO Mengxia

Hello, I am currently a PhD student in the Department of Psychology. My research focuses on investigating the relationship between our brain activity and our behavior using brain imaging technique. Welcome to the Graduate House big family! I enjoy living here and have fun participating in all the fruitful activities. Making friends with the residents and stuff is wonderful experience. There are many interest groups in the house and you can join in the regular activities as well as the workshops. I am sure you will have an unforgettable memory living in the Graduate House. If you need any assistance, please feel free to email me at mxgao at

Mr. WEN Tianzuo

My name is Wen Tianzuo, a PhD student in Department of Urban Planning and Design in Faculty of Architecture. I have been living in Graduate House for nearly 2 years. It is an energetic, diverse, and friendly community, where you will not only get cozy and convenient living environment, but also lovely and talented friends from everywhere. Over 20 years, this community has been built creatively by HKU post graduates with various interesting groups, activities, and events. Post graduates’ lives here are not only academic in their own field, but developed in a more social, healthy, interdisciplinary way. I am very honored to be one of the resident advisors in Graduate House to serve all the residents in this big family. If you have any questions, please contact me at wentz at

Ms. WEN Yi

Hello, I am a Ph.D. student from School of Chinese Medicine. My research focuses on the pharmacological effect and mechanism of Traditional Chinese Medicine on cancer. Graduate House is a big family. There are excellent management team, responsible staffs, talent residents, funny activities, and miscellaneous interest groups. I have been living in Graduate House for almost three years. I not only polished all sorts of my skills but also harvested care, help and friendship. All of these helped me adapted the life of HKU quickly. I am sure living in Graduate House is a pleasant journey. This big family is looking forward to your joining. If you need help, please feel free to contact me at u3004630 at

Ms. XU Lu

Welcome to Graduate House! My name is XU Lu (Iris). I come from Beijing and I am currently a third year PhD student in Faculty of Medicine. My research mainly focuses on investigations of molecular pathways on anti-obesity and anti-diabetes. I have been living here for almost three years and made lots of friends here. I love sports and meeting new friends. If you any questions about life and study here, please feel free to contact me at irisxu at


Staff List

Clerical Staff: 
      Mr. Thomas K. F. Tse 
      Ms. Maggie W. K. Sze

Technical Officer: 
      Mr. Juwan C. H. Cheung

Sr. Attendant:
      Mr. SIU Ping Chiu

      Ms. Tsang Ching
      Ms. Li Mei Ying

      Ms. Shan Zheng Jun

Outsourced Staff: 
4 Outsourced Cleaners
2 Outsourced Security Guard