Management Team

Resident Director

Professor Billy K.C. Chow is Professor, Chair of Endocrinology, in the School of Biological Sciences. He is an eminent scientist in the area of comparative endocrinology and neuroscience. In recognition of his academic contributions, he has received international research awards including the Grace Pickford Medal, the Akira Arimura Young Investigator Award, the Alumni Builder’s Award and the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship, as well as the HKU Outstanding Researcher Award and the Best Research Output Prize. 


Professor Chow has continuously been contributing to the University – he has served as the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Science, Master of the Graduate House, and Acting Director of the School of Biological Sciences. Currently, he is Associate Dean of the Graduate School, in charge of new initiatives including the HKU presidential scholarship and summer research programmes. He is also the Chair of the Committee on Halls and Vice-chair of the Catering Committee of the University. 

Graduate House is under the overall management of the Resident Director, who is responsible for maintenance of good order in the House, provision of pastoral care and intellectual guidance to residents, including the welfare of all residents and disciplinary matters, creation and maintenance of conditions conducive to intellectual, social, and cultural development of all residents, and the encouragement of a sense of community among all the residents. His official email address is bkcc at

Graduate House Senior Resident Tutor

As the Graduate House Senior Resident Tutor is responsible for assisting the director in the general administration of the House, maintaining the morale, social and general well-being of all residents, organizing activities for all residents and/or other graduate students, deputizing for the Director during her absence and acting for the Director during her periods of leave. Her official email address is ghrf at



Mr. Dick W.M. Chow is the current Manager of Graduate House. Mr. Chow was a hall manager respectively at the Student Affairs Office of the Hong Kong Institute of Education and at the Jockey Club Student Village I of the University of Hong Kong before he took up the manager position at Graduate House.

The Manager is responsible for the general administration and management of the Graduate House Office, the residential and non-residential complexes of Graduate House and all the facilities in both complexes. He also provides assistance to residents on matters related to residential living. He is assisted by a team of clerical staff, technician, senior attendant and attendants, and watchmen. His email address is dwmchow at


Graduate House Junior Resident Tutors (4 Posts)

  • Assisting the Director in the general administration of the House;

  • Maintaining the moral, social and general well-being of all residents;

  • Organizing activities for all residents and/or other graduate students;

HU Xiaoqian (Sharon)

Welcome to Graduate House! I am Sharon, a PhD candidate from School of Biomedical Science in Faculty of medicine. My research lies in the field of neuroscience and mainly focus on the neural circuits for navigational function. Living in Graduate house has been the best experience of my HKU life. Graduate house is not only our home away from home, but also a stage for us to grow and thrive. Here you can meet a mix of friends from different backgrounds, disciplines and cultures. You are also offered with various opportunities to engage, develop and excel in different facets of academic, social and sports activities, even amid times of difficulty. Our house is a supportive community where you are backed with many kind hearts and talented minds. Hope you all can enjoy the fruitful life in our house. Please feel free to contact me at huxq at, if any inquiries or assistance is needed.



Isha is a Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Education, HKU. Over the past seven years, she has worked in the field of education as a teacher, teacher educator, and researcher. Her current research explores the beliefs and attitudes of school teachers towards diversity and social justice. Isha has been an active member of the GH Community, having served on the Residents’ Committee and participated in diverse activities promoting intercultural exchange.

Outside of academics, Isha enjoys writing poetry, going on hikes, playing badminton, and cooking. Graduate House offers several opportunities to explore a myriad of interests and form beautiful friendships along the way. For Isha, Graduate House has been a space to grow, learn,  make friends, but more importantly, a place that prioritizes self-care given the hectic Ph.D. schedules.  

Please feel free to reach out to Isha at ishav at


LIANG Peichao

Hi everyone, welcome to the Graduate House family! I am currently a PhD student at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, with my research interests in ageing and health in relation to person-environment interactions. In my spare time, I am really into music, dance, tennis and hiking. Graduate House is definitely a great place to be based, with its diverse, homely and lively environment. We have our super lovely staffs, friendly and talented residents here, living together and sharing our joys and sorrows. You will also get your unique and unforgettable experiences by joining multicultural activities and various interest groups. If you have any enquiries or needs, please feel free to contact me via email: peichao at

SHAN Dapeng

I am a 2nd year PhD student in computer science. I am a kind and supportive person and willing to help you at any time. I am also passionate about workout and can offer training guidances for the interested residents. Feel free to chat with me via email: u3006522 at!


Staff List

Clerical Staff: 
     Ms. Maggie W. K. Sze
     Mr. Juwan C. H. Cheung

Sr. Attendant:
     Mr. Dennis B. You

     Ms. Tsang Ching
     Ms. Li Mei Ying

     Ms. Shan Zheng Jun

Outsourced Staff: 
2 Outsourced Cleaners
2 Outsourced Security Guard