Facilities & Services

Single Room - 188 nos. (shared bathroom for every 2 rooms) 
Single Room Size      - about 10.4 m2


Double Room* - 9 nos. (self-contained bathroom) 
Double Room Size     - about 17.9 m2 

Residents are provided with basic furniture, a refrigerator* and a computer point for access to the University network in their study bedrooms. All the study bedrooms are air-conditioned.

*Double Room is reserved for married couple only. Married couple who opt for double rooms will be required to present evidence of marriage before moving into the double room.


Student Lounge

On every two floors, there is a Student Lounge (which contains a pantry) for residents to meet each other. It is provided with a television, a communal telephone, 2 microwave ovens, 2 refrigerators and drinking water. Residents have priority to use all facilities in the lounge and pantry associated with their floors.

All refrigerated items must be labeled with room numbers, names of their owners and the date when the items are placed in the refrigerators. General cleaning of the refrigerators is done every weekend. Supported by the Residents’ Committee, rotten and expired items and those without labels will be disposed of without prior notice. The Management will not be responsible for any item that was trashed.




A pantry is located within each of the Student Lounges. There are two induction cookers which are provided for re-heating of cooked food only. To ensure safety and hygiene, open fire and intensive cooking, e.g. frying, are NOT permitted. Frying in the pantry may activate the fire alarm system and cause unnecessary nuisance to all residents. Please DO NOT leave the induction cooker unattended when it is in use as it may trigger the fire alarm or even cause a real fire. Whilst the induction cooker and the range hood are no longer in use, please ensure the individual switches and the main switch controlling both appliances are switched off.

A toaster is also provided. Please DO NOT leave the toaster unattended when in use.

Please observe the fire safety precaution when using the student lounge including the pantry. In case of a fire alarm or a real fire, firemen and/or staff of Graduate House/HKU may enter any location including a study bedroom to trace the root cause. Personal cooking utensils or other items must NOT be stored in the common areas; otherwise the items will be removed without prior notice. Residents are responsible to clean up the sink, induction cooker, microwave oven and furniture in the pantry and student lounge after use.


Common Room

There is a Common Room at P1-04. The Common room and its facilities are for use and enjoyment of all relevant stakeholders of Graduate House including the staff. Users may play piano or digital piano, read newspapers and magazines, access to the Internet, exercise in the fitness area, play pool game, watching TV and DVD, as well as borrowing the audio-visual equipment there to hold small gatherings. Please refer to relevant notices and follow guidelines when using the facilities. As the Common Room is multi-purpose in nature, users shall be considerate to one another when using various facilities inside. Users are liable to any damage or loss of these facilities while in their custody. Removal of the facilities and equipment from Room P1-04 is strictly forbidden.

Residents and their accompanied guests may use the facilities in Room P1-04. Guests of Robert Black College are also allowed to watch TV in Room P1-04 upon approval by the House Office. They will be required to wear a “Visitor” badge during their stay at Graduate House.

Table Tennis

A ping-pong table is located in the foyer of Level P4 and is available for use by residents. Residents should sign up at the Service Counter on Level P1 if they would like to borrow the accessories and use the facilities. Residents should be aware that if either the venue or Wang Gungwu Lecture Hall has been reserved for hosting events, they would not be allowed to use the ping-pong facilities. Under any circumstance, residents shall be considerate and minimize noises.



The laundry room is located on the rooftop of Graduate House. Smartcard operated washing machines and dryers are provided for the exclusive use of residents only. Residents may come to the House Office during office hours for the issuance of a laundry smartcard for the machines (by paying card deposit of HK$100) and/or uploading of stored value onto the card (minimum HK$100, or multiple of HK$100 up to HK$500).

There is also one domestic washer in the laundry room for use by residents free of charge. However, each resident can only use once each day, and shall sign on the log book there.


Postal Service

Residents should check their incoming mail in the mailboxes on Level P1 regularly. Residents using Graduate House as their correspondence address should change their addresses well before checkout. Any undelivered mail will be returned to the Post Office. The House Office will not be responsible for any missing mail.

Mail collection notification notes will be sent to residents when parcels, confidential letters, or oversized mail are received. Upon receipt of the note, the resident concerned should collect his/her mail at the Graduate House Office within one week from the date of the note. Uncollected mail will be returned to the Post Office.


Our Attendants will clean the study bedrooms and the bathrooms once a week.      


Repair & Maintenance      

In order to keep the Graduate House a comfortable and tidy place for all, residents are encouraged to report any defects that were found inside the study bedrooms, the bathrooms, as well as in the common areas. Completed "Defect Report Form" which is available at the Service Counter, should be returned to the House Office. Repair service will be arranged as soon as possible. Residents who find the reported defects unattended for more than one week and would like to know the work progress may contact the House Office within office hours.      



The main entrance at Level P1 is the only entrance and exit point for residents of Graduate House.  A smart card system is used to control access at the main entrance and at the service counter on Level P1.  Upon check-in, residents must present their University smart cards to the Graduate House Office for configuration to grant access right. 

Residents are required to log in the access control system by placing their access cards onto the “IN” reader to have their resident status verified before they are allowed to enter the House. 



Fire Safety      

In case of fire, residents must use the nearest staircase to gain access to the outdoor area and gather at the roundabout at No. 2 University Drive. The escape route is shown on the back of the bedroom door. Residents are required to observe the followings:


No smoking in all indoor areas;

No open fire cooking is allowed in all indoor areas;

Avoid intensive cooking which may create smoke in the pantry. Use the hot plate and the microwave ovens for re-heating of food only. Always observe the rules in using the microwave ovens;

Don’t use sprayed insecticide in the study bedrooms.

Promotional leaflets on preventing fire will be given to the residents from time to time.




Residents are encouraged to contact the Manager at the Graduate House Office during office hours.

Double room

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