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Current Postgraduates

2019/2020 Residence Application for Current Postgraduates of HKU


Full-time registered current postgraduates of the University who have never resided at Graduate House before may now apply for residence at Graduate House for the residential year which will start form 1 September 2019.

Since the residential year 2013-14, the Graduate House Committee of Management has adopted a policy of 1-year residence for new residents. Only those current residents with substantial contribution to the House would be considered for readmission.


Amended offer of residence for the upcoming residential year 2019-20: Since the cyclical renovation exercise for the building (residential block) is being planned and to be carried out probably from summer of 2020 onwards, the offer of admission to Graduate House for successful residence applicants will only last for nine months from September 2019 till May 2020. Even though there may be chance that the residence of the successfully admitted applicants be extended on case-by-case review basis depending on the progress of the cyclical renovation exercise, the residents have to undertake the conditions that they may be relocated to another room so as to facilitate the cyclical renovation works, and they may bear certain noises, dust and inconvenience caused during the cyclical renovation exercise. Herewith, applicants are reminded to consider seriously before submitting application for admission to Graduate House. Only those with remarkable contribution to the House will be considered for re-admission if a re-admission exercise for 2020-21 is held (whether the re-admission exercise be held will be subject to the progress of the cyclical renovation exercise, and it may not necessarily be held). Please note that all new residents of Graduate House have to complete at least 6 months’ residency before they could apply for withdrawal. Withdrawal without appropriate substantiation and/or advanced notice to the Graduate House Office will lead to forfeiture of the rental deposit. All rooms are allocated to successful applicants on a random basis by the Graduate House Management. Residents may be required to relocate to other rooms by the Graduate House Office on need basis.


Information pertaining to the application and the online application form are available at the following link:


Please read through the section on "General Information and Application Procedures" thoroughly before completing the application form.  Applicants choosing Graduate House as one of the hall preferences MUST complete "Section C" of the application form duly or else the application would not be considered.  Failure to provide any required information or failure to complete the application form duly will affect the chance of admission. 


The current waiting list will expire on 31 May 2019.  For successful applicants who are on the current waiting list, we will offer rooms to you as soon as one is available.  However, if you would like to apply for residence starting from September 2019, you should submit a new application before the application deadline listed below.


For enquiry regarding residence application, please email to or call (852) 3917 1811.

Application Deadline for this Admission Exercise: 15 July 2019


Late applications submitted after the deadline stated above will not be considered.
Taught Postgraduates (self-funded programs) will be considered in lower priority.